"I love you...I know"

Come see Han Solo in Carbonite.  This sculpture was pulled from the original Lucas molds.  Amazing!

Totally 80's Pizza was started by Alex & L'aura Morgan.  It took 10 years to track down and collect all the memorabilia in the museum.  We wanted to create a fun place where the younger generations could learn about the greatness of the 1980's. 

The most important part of the restaurant however is the food.  We make our own dough and sauce with 14 herbs and spices.  Totally 80's Pizza features a huge salad bar (one of very few in Fort Collins), chicken wings, garlic parmesan twists and ice cold beer on tap.  There are no waiters at Totally 80's.  Come in, order at the counter, sit back and enjoy some fantastically cheesy 80's music videos and some even cheesier pizza.

Pee Wee's Bike
Come see the worlds most famous bicycle.  Tell em' Large Marge sent ya.

Remember when cereal was fun?

Check out our vintage cereal boxes.  They don't make cereal like this anymore.

Welcome to the world's only 1980's museum!

Welcome to the world's only 1980's theme restaurant and museum!  Come dine with Michael Jackson, Han Solo and the Terminator.  Wall to wall toys, autographs, vintage cereal boxes, original lyrics, and one of a kind 80's pop culture icons.  Don't forget to bring your quarters to play our 1980's, .25 cent arcade!

Vintage toys

See the world's largest collection of vintage 80's toys.

Dine with MJ

You won't believe how realistic our Michael  looks.  Don't forget your camera!

The World's ONLY 1980's Museum!

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Totally 80's Pizza

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